The most popular wall panel due to its durability, easy install and economic value.
-1¼” high ribs spaced on 12″ center.
-Easy installation.
-20-year manufacturer finish warranty.
-Available in 26 and 24 ga.
-36” wide coverage.

“PBR” Panel

“A” Panel (Reverse “PBR”)

The “A” wall panel features a semi-concealed
fastener appearance due to it’s reverse corrugations.
-11/8″ inverted ribs spaced on 12″ center.
-20-year manufacturer finish warranty.
-Easy installation.
-Available in 26 and 24 ga.
-36” wide coverage.

The concealed fastener wall panel gives a distinguish aesthetic quality. The ribs of the wall panel project to the interior of the structure.
-16″ wide coverage with 3″ depth.
-Available in 26 and 24 ga.
-Moderate installation.
-20-year manufacturer finish warranty.
-Superior ability to withstand wind loads.

Concealed Fastener

Insulated Wall Panels

-Each of our three wall panel profiles is ideally suited for commercial and industrial applications. The attractive profiles break up the flat expanse of metal on large projects such as -manufacturing plants or warehouses.
-The wide panels install quickly and easily.
-Fasteners are concealed within the panel side joint.
-26 gauge ineterior and exterior.
-Insulated “R” Values vary from: 2” (R-16), 2.5” (R-20), 3” (R-24) and 4” (R-32).
-40” wide coverage.
-Minimum length of 8’-0” to a maximum length of 56’-0”.
-Available in Kynar finishes only.

The “U” soffit and liner panel offers superior strength and coverage.
-Easy to install.
-20-year manufacturer finish warranty.
-Available in 29, 26 and 24 ga.
-¾” High ribs 6” on center.
-36” wide coverage.

Soffit and Liner Panels “U” Panel


The Artisan soffit panel is a concealed fastener soffit panel which offers a smooth, flat appearance.*
* Shown with beads