Purlin Bearing Rib “PBR”

-The “PBR” roof panel is the most popular and economical roof choice.
-Easy installation.
-20-year material warranty available.
-Siliconized Polyester or Kynar™ finishes available.
-Available in 26 or 24 ga.
-36″ wide coverage with and 1¼” rib height at 12″ on center.

Ultra-Dek®/Double Lok® Standing Seam

These are virtually leak-free, high performance roofs. Concealed attachment clips essentially eliminate panel penetrations.
-24″ wide coverage.
-3″ high sidelap ribs.
-Performs on any roof slope.
-20-year material warranty available.
-Available in 24 gauge.
-Seamer required.
-Requires a mechanical seamer

BattenLok® Roof Standing Seam

-The BattenLok is a mechanically seamed roof panel with an aesthetically pleasing architectural design. This panel is recommended for roofs with hips and valleys.
-16″ wide coverage – 2″ high ribs.
-20-year material warranty available.
-Available in 24 gauge.

LokSeam® Roof Standing Seam

-The LokSeam is a snap on architectural panel system which can be installed over purlins or solid substrate.
-18,” 16″ or 12″ widths with 1¾” high ribs.
-Available in 24 or 26 gauge.
-20-year material warranty available.
-Easily handles expansion and contraction.
-Minimum slope of 3:12 is required.